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go sens go

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not sure it would go under this section but i figured id try . mods if it isnt in this section its suppose to go im sorry please change it :approve:

so as i posted before iv been working really hard on getting my husbands sens room togethier before he gets home tommrow :D its been a long hard effort with the mess up from the air hockey table , to many other small problems. but i figured id show you, all pics of what hes coming home tommrow to and has noooo suprise. I finally got it finished. he has no idea that hes coming home to it. just knows hes getting his bday suprise early and one of his xmas presents early (his xmas present is a mini bar fridge ) but this is his bigs sens room suprise the before and the after.

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I like women's hockey, but it isn't covered on TV the same way that men's hockey is. I can't wait until it's time for the olympics so that I can watch the US women's hockey team vs. the Canadian women's hockey team.
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