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So we bought a 50 gallon tank (view pictures) that is safe and secure so miss aly plus the cats cant get into it. Iv never really owned fish? Other then when i was maybe a kid but what kid hasn't anyways so we bought two goldfish for it. (Posted pics below) i was wondering the fallowing questions maybe someone can help?. Ps they are a surprise for our daughter although we will do the work since shes almost 2 she named the red one wiggles and the calico tickle lol

We bought 2 gold fish how many more can be added to a 50 gallon?
What other breeds can go in with goldfish?
How often should we change the water ?
Any other help id appreciate :) thank you.

Tickle (calico on top) and Wiggles (bottom red) keep in mind an almost 2 year old named them lol

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