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Goldfish white spots

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I recently noticed tiny white bumps on one of my fancy goldfish and frantically searched for more on my other goldfish because I immediately thought it was ich. I thought it strange however, that the white bumps were only on the gil covers of the fish. I consulted my goldfish book and found a sidenote under ich that when the bumps are only on the gil covers they could be tubercles, a sign of a male goldfish in breeding season.

The reason I find this strange is I have never changed the water temperature and have not done anything normally suggested to stimulate spawning behaviors. I went on spring break last week and left them with an automatic fish feeder. When I came back, I cleaned the tank more thoroughly than normal because I was gone for a little over a week. Is it possible that these spots are tubercles and not ich even though I have not made any changes to the water temperature and have not been trying to breed? Any input is appreciated.
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Yup, it just sounds like he's in breeding season. If he doesn't have any other symptoms and the spots aren't fuzzy/slimy, then I wouldn't worry yet.

Changing more water than usual, believe it or not, could have been the cause :).
Alright Thanks! I will keep an eye on it to be sure, but I am pretty sure that is what it is now that I look closer. I never knew what sex my goldfish were before. Now i know, I have two boys and a girl. The female is looking bigger these days too now that I think about it. Do I need to do anything for her or will she just reabsorb the eggs?
You shouldn't have to do anything, she'll lay the eggs or reabsorb them :). Just watch her because there's always the chance of her becoming eggbound.
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