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Good brands of harnesses?

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Binx has been bugging me to go outside for forever and has tried to sneak out the door. Today I bought new collars and took him out to see if he'd even like it. He enjoyed it quite a bit. Of course he was wearing a safety collar so I didn't let him go too far. He seemed to "get it" when I put a little tension on the leash anyway. I'm sure it won't be the same way once he spots a squirrel or bird. He is very angora-ish...very friendly and wants to know why the dogs are always so excited to go outside lol. Very curious little guy.

Salem, however, is a bit more skiddish. I'm glad we adopted Binx as he has helped her adjust very well. However now that Binx got to go outside, she wants to go too. Salem is much a much bigger, more muscular cat. I wouldn't trust her with only a collar on. I have heard stories of cats backing out of their harness and seeing as she spooks easily...well I don't want her to back out and run off under the shed or anything (where it might flood if it rains too hard.)

So now I'm out to look for a good harness that they're not likely to back out of. Any ideas?
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