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Good Rat Breeders in Washington State?

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Hi all, Vladina here. :)

I had a question for any knowledgeable rat people out husband and I are planning to adopt a pair of rats and I would love any advice from local Washingtonians on good rat breeders who are reputable that I may not have come across yet. I already found a few here and there across the state but several say they are no longer breeding rats, others have websites that are no longer in service and the few I have found seem to not be answering my email inquiries. Any suggestions?

Vlad, Would-Be-Rat Mommy. :)
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well I'm in Washington but I inherited my babies so I'm sorry I don't have any advice. I'll keep an ear out, though!
Thanks Ghost!

Thanks for keeping an ear out! I have located a couple of local breeders so I will keep trying to research the internet and get on a few waiting lists for babies. :thumbsup:
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