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Good Vibes Needed for E-Spays Tomorrow

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Took in 2 pinkie making machines on Thurs. Sept 15th. Either very young girls ("both are under a year") or girls whose growth has been stunted with the endless pregnancies and litters (until their babies were taken away to feed the family's snakes). They were kept in a tiny cage with 3 boys and when they got pregnant they would be moved to another small cage to have their pinkies, but once the pinkies were harvested, they were put back with the boys. This is their ad pic

They are booked for e-spays tomorrow and my vet is coming in on his day off to do them. Btw the boys were taken in by another woman and are also in a great home as well. :D
Meet the patients.

Johari ("jewel") - arrived at 206 grams, but was severely dehydrated and gained 20 grams overnight. She now weighs 262 grams. She settled in the fastest and is now approaching to give me kisses, and is starting to play when I give her a little over the head/shoulder shake that initiates play sessions in rats. :D

She loves pats, cheek rubs and will lie down in the open and let me stroke her.

and also likes to help me type ::)

and then there's little Naira ("large eyes") - she arrived at 161 grams and also gained 20 grams of water weight. She came in scary thin...and you could feel every bone under her skin. She is now 222 grams.

They both love food, even if it's held by me!

Naira will do anything for food and is allowing and even enjoying gentle cuddles now.

She also is loving their other snakebait cagemate Loki, who is gaining a lot of confidence from these 2 interacting with me, and is finally relaxing. Loki lived in a snake's tank for a long time and will bite bite bite at everything to drive it away.

So wish them luck tomorrow on their Surgical Adventure. :lol:
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Good luck little girls!!! :hugg2: Hoping for a safe and speedy recovery!!! Let us know how it goes!
Sending lots of love your way.. Good luck tomorrow.. all will be fine!!!!
good luck ... suck pretty girls
What absolutely beautiful girls...I just wanted to cry when I read about what they have gone through. Thank you thank you for saving these sweethearts and giving them a new chance. I would love to hold them all and give them soft scritches and cuddles. Sending positive thoughts their way for their vet visit...keep us posted!
You know what I am excited for.. I cant wait to see the day Vladina and her husband get new ratties!!! You must be one of the best rat mommies out thier.. you are so sweet.. love everyone elses babies ... have none of your own right now yet still come here and give us all your support... I cant wait for the day!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Ahh, yes, I do enjoy the comfort of visiting the forum and seeing all the babies and the photos, this is true! We will have babies again, I am sure of it. :)
They're so adorable, and I agree you're one of the best out there with all that you do! Good luck to the girls!
It sounds like they are definitely headed down the right road! As delicate as rats can be they are also very resilient and spirited. It's amazing what they can do with a little tlc! I wish everyone luck on the surgeries. I'm sure everything will be fine.
It sounds like they are definitely headed down the right road! As delicate as rats can be they are also very resilient and spirited. It's amazing what they can do with a little tlc! I wish everyone luck on the surgeries. I'm sure everything will be fine.
I don't worry about the procedure or the vet, just the potential of underlying issues which can cause a problem during/after the surgery. My vet is amazing and has done some awesome surgeries for me (enucleations, limb amputations, neuters, spays, tail amputations, radical procedures to drain a huge abscess in one girl's belly, etc, etc). Naira worries me, there's something not quite right about her. Johari I am not worried about at all. :D
Too cute :3 You're a great rattie person.
Off topic, I have a parrot named Johari, ha. Pretty cool.
I had a feeling. I discussed this feeling and people didn't quite understand it. It sucks to be right. We lost little Naira today. She was pre-medicated, prepped for her surgery and her heart just stopped. They gave her cardiac meds, a fluid bolus and my vet did CPR but she didn't come back. My vet was devastated to lose such a happy, visually fine little girl like this. Dr Munn will be doing a necro to see if we can figure out why.

In times like these, you have to think "I gave her 5 of the best days she ever had in her too-short life. Most likely the litter she was carrying would've killed her anyways and she had 5 lovely days out morning and night, met new friends, got a ton of Ensure and peach puffs, and left us today feeling no pain." It still sucks though. :(

Johari will be spayed tomorrow but I have no worries for her. Some good came out of this. My vet and I had talked a month ago and he had said he wanted to try ovariectomy's (removal of ovaries through the flank) on young girls (under 6 months, nice and lean and healthy) and supposedly this would have the same effect as a full spay (hysterectomy or removal of all reproductive organs) but only with young girls. They had discussed this and many other things at he AEMV annual conference in Seattle not long ago. My vet and I are trying to find a cheaper alternative for some owners than the full spay...maybe more would get done if people have the option of a less expensive procedure. I had emailed my vet and left a message with one of the girls regarding getting Loki done this way, but never heard back so I thought maybe he had changed his mind. He had actually never seen my email, so I will be dropping Loki off tomorrow and she will be done along with Johari. :yes:

The other things I learned while talking to my vet is that he is trying very hard to give the same quality, standard of care that dogs and cats get during surgical procedures. He has a heart monitor, they watch oxygen saturation (not sure how) and now they are using IV catheters for fluids during the surgery. For anyone curious it is inserted into the medial saphenous vein. He is considering intubation for the future as well.
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Oh Lilspaz, I am SO sorry about Naira. I just want to cry. You said you had a feeling about her, and unfortunately you were right. I wish you had been wrong. :(

I keep looking at that so precious photo of her with her little tongue licking her lips at the bowl. Have I ever seen a sweeter face? I am sending her a mental hug and kisses from here on planet Earth to the happy place she is at now. I hope she knows.

You are absolutely correct about her 5 wonderful days of making friends, enjoying life and lots of nom-noms and being loved. It was 5 incredible and happy days for her and I know that makes you feel better. Makes me feel so good too. A special and beautiful girl. We are thinking of her. Run free and happy, pretty girl. We love you.
P.S. Your vet sounds just incredible. I was so touched by how much he seems to really care about the health and well-being of our rodent babies. You found a gem in this vet. Bless him.
I love my vet. he really does love animals, and shows it and the animals sense it...its actually really lovely to watch :) Its all about comfort and lessening any pain or stress an animal may have.

Loki and Johari are done, but still snoozing side by side. Johari was pregnant and had 8 babies inside of her,but Naira was not. Her crazy up and down weights probably had more to do with whatever her underlying issue was. Still no word on her necropsy, but at least the other 2 are recovering nicely :D
That is so wonderful that you found such a compassionate and caring vet. I am sure we all wish we could duplicate him and have thousands of him all over the country!

So happy to hear that Johari and Loki are recovering and doing well. Keep us posted. :hug:
We are home...3 bags, a purse, 2 live little girls, and 3 ratsicles. LOL

Naira's gross necro didn't show anything obviously wrong, but my vet took samples and sent them out to the lab for histology.

Loki is very very active and getting clear pics of her was difficult :roll:

Johari is very quiet. I think she's sad and a bit shocked at what she went through. :(

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Oh, poor babies...smooches to you Loki and Johari. Now you can rest at home and celebrate that you are all done with your trip to the vet. What good girls! Sweet Johari does look a little down. Some TLC will help yes? So glad all went well with them. Thanks for the pictures. Your girls are just beautiful. :sneakyhug
Stealing a proverb the Vulcan Spok.. "Live long... and Prosper." :) I hope your little ratties live a long happy life with you!!!
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