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Senior dog

Your adorable, gray-faced doggo might not be able to move around as fast in their old age as they used to, but this doesn't mean they don't need to exercise. In fact, it's even more crucial for senior dogs to maintain a healthy weight and mobility without putting additional stress on their old joints. Regular exercise may also prevent conditions such as diabetes or heart diseases that are associated with obesity.

If your senior doggo is having trouble handling the harsh outside weather, there are plenty of indoor exercises you can try instead. Although we recommend consulting the vet first to analyze how much your poodle can handle, our dog behavioral specialists have compiled these easy, low-stress exercises that can help you keep them in shape.

#1 Consider Getting Puzzle Feeders

Puzzle feeders offer incredible mentally stimulating challenges that can help keep your doggos brain sharp while providing them the opportunity to move around actively. Consider providing the senior doggo their meals via puzzle feeders. It also makes the entire eating process much slower than usual, which leads to further weight loss opportunities if that's part of your goals. However, you should stick to toys suitable for your pup's activity level so that they don't overexert your doggo.

#2 Play Fetch But On Carpeted Floors

Playing fetch can never go out of style! Many professional dog trainers suggest using soft toys designed specifically for senior dogs so that they don't put additional stress on their teeth. Playing fetch indoors on a carpet or rug also ensures they don't get severely hurt if they fall.

Pet dog playing with a ball

#3 Indulge Them in a Gentle Tug Of War

Most doggos love to play tug of war games, and they're also great for strengthening the jaws, shoulders, and neck muscles of your senior pupper. However, ensure that you only use a soft item that won't damage its vulnerable teeth. The truth is they can't play as rough as they could in the past so try to avoid hard tugging or swinging.

#4 Teach the Old Doggo Some New Tricks

Have faith in your old doggo! Yes, it might require some extra patience, but contrary to the famous saying about how you can't teach your old pupper new tricks, they can be taught new tricks to work out their body and mind. If you're looking to learn some smart tips and DIY tricks, you should join the theDogHood platform, where you can access dog training videos and advice from our certified dog behaviorists.

Give your senior puppers lots of love and have patience if they don't figure it out right away. Extensive training sessions can exhaust them. You can read heartwarming stories of dogs shared by dog lovers on the Hoomans of the DogHood to find inspiration.
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