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Great News! I found Partee a Wonderful Home

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It's going to kill me to let go of my horse Partee, but we really need a horse that we can ride and she will be needing much more care than I can give her. I have said my prayers and they have been answered. I just pray now that this is legitimate and that everything will go as planned. I was looking on and found a beautiful black and white paint mare that is located in my home town. I did some research on this mare, made a few phone calls and ended up talking to the person selling the horse. Then, I told her my story about Partee. Come to find out, she owns a ranch and loves Paints! She also takes in horses that have problems like Partee has and babies them. It's like she was sent to me from Heaven. Well, the way it went, I ended up going to see the new horse today, and I fell in love with her. She is going to take Partee as partial trade and she will tend to her needs and use her as a brood mare, letting her live her life out on a beautiful 10 acre farm. Wait until you see the pictures I took of some of her babies there! I will download them later. I have the computer tied up trying to download a video of me and my new baby. She has beautiful horses and is also a wonderful person, you can just feel it about her. I think I really lucked out. I am hoping so anyway. I'm having a bit of an "anxiety attack" right now, because I am still afraid of purchasing another horse because of all that I have been through with people who are not so honest. But the one thing that I do know is, and that is that I do know that Partee will be well taken care of and that she is going to a good place. At least that part will be good. She will be going next Friday.
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awww well, at least you found partee a great home that can fully look after the medical end of things. plus a nice big farm, woo hoo! she sounds like a great person, i agree you did luck out. sometimes that happens and i tell ya from experience, it's like a godsend! can't wait to hear more about your new horse
oh I'm glad things have worked out and Partee can enjoy retirement being a mamma horse.
Greyt news!
I just seen the pics of your new horse and she is beautiful.

Will you visit Partee?
Does the woman know that Partee possibly has Navicular? Why would she use her as a brood mare??? The extra weight of pregnancy could make the pain worse, plus there is some question as to whether or not that is hereditary. :confused:
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