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Green poo

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My girls have recently started pooing green. I think it started over night cause I didnt notice it yesterday. Im not sure but I think they both might be pregnant. Im just wondering what could cause this, or if its a sign of pregnancy??
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What did they eat recently and is it bright green or dark? Were they bred on purpose or was it a mistake? How old are they?

Have you called the vet just to see what they say?
When my degus were pregnant (not intended to happen – animal shelter sexed them incorrectly), they did not have green poo. If it's something they ate – something green that you have fed them – then the poo should go back to normal brown in the next day or two.

Why do you think they might be pregnant? How long have you had them? Have they been exposed to any males in the past 3 months?
They green poo only lasted for a day, thankfully. My goos have had a cold or somthing going around.. They had all gotten sick for a few days. They lost a lot of weight and looked lathargic. They are all doing great again and put their weight back on. One of my males got really sick and really cold. I figured because he was in such bad shape I would put him in with the girls since they had just lost a sister. They kept him warm for a few hours and I was going to take him out but fell alseep watching them. When I woke a few hours later, Nibbler ( the male ) was doing just fine so I put him back with the males. About a week ago, I noticed the girls eating more and their bellies looked a little bigger. They are much more clumsy now than they were a few weeks ago. I have had 2 litters before but the green poo scared me... Im really hoping that they are not pregnant, as one of them will be inbred... Oh and Nibbler was in the cage with the girls about a month and a half ago maybe 2 months...
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I think they start showing when they are two months along so if they are pregnant then it happened the time Nibbler was in there two months ago. You'll find out in the next month or so.

Good to hear that there is no more green poo.
My last 2 breedings showed at about 2 months. Their bellies are bigger up high near their rib cage, Looks the same as when dora had her last two litters.. Really hoping they arent though!
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