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After a degree of pushing and shoving, the LCD TV is now back in with a chance of winning the plasma versus LCD war. Of course, both teams are going to have their supporters and critics but plasma have been in the lead for some time due to their larger size screens and cheaper prices.
It has only been recently that the press have brought it to the public attention that plasma TV's use a disgusting amount of power and if we all go down the plasma route this could lead to ice caps melting all over the place!
Because of this, EU directives now state that all TV's must conform to standards they set, limiting the amount of power usage for any TV,Air Jordan. It is this fact that has brought energy efficient LCD TV's into the limelight, that and the fact that they have reduced price and increased size.
Companies such as Bravia specialise in the production of LCD TV's and this dedicated section of Sony can concentrate wholly on this as opposed to splitting their expertise over various products. To prove their trust in their own product, Bravia have never even dipped their technological toe into the water of plasma TV's. They knew LCD was the way and they quietly plugged away at it while others such as Panasonic and LG raved about their 4 x 4 TV's.
So, plasma makers are now hitting back, doing what they can to make their product more energy efficient but this begs the question that if they could produce the same quality with less energy, why didn't they do it in the first place and are we really going to be getting the same clarity with the reduced energy model?
According to them, yes. According to those who specialise in LCD TV's – doubtful. However, there are some companies around such as Bravia that have brought the spec of LCD TV's up to scratch. They have got the mega size screens that the public call for to the point where you can have LCD in home cinema entertainment. Prices are pretty much the same as plasma's now and the quality of picture and sound is excellent.
The main point is that by watching an LCD TV you won't be depriving any little old polar bear of his patch of ice, you won't be contributing to the ice caps disappearing and you certainly won't be held accountable for London being under the Thames. You can watch your TV in the knowledge that even being a couch potato means you are doing your bit for the environment – or at least not destroying it.
So can we apply this philosophy to any other electrical appliances? Well of course it has long been known that washing machines come with an energy rating as do fridges and freezers. Getting the most from our appliances, whether essentials or entertainment, should be something we insist upon. That way, manufacturers cannot fob us off with eco unfriendly products that are destroying our planet for a quick buck.
Whether we are looking for a new Bravia LCD TV or a fancy Whirlpool washing machine, make sure it's as green as possible.
Self-employed freelancers, contractors and temporary workers enjoy the freedom that comes with being self-employed, however, setting yourself up as a sole trader, partnership or as a limited company can have implications for your earning potential. Some freelancers are looking for an alternative to paying high levels of tax and increasing their take-home pay through using the many services of umbrella companies.
Also known as service companies, umbrella companies provide self-employed workers with a managed limited company through which freelancers can operate multiple contracts while the umbrella company does all the administration. This saves the freelancer time on all the activities normally associated with running a limited company, including processing timesheets and expenses, raising invoices, calculating tax and National Insurance contributions, collecting payments from third parties, executing legal contracts, dealing with filing,Nike New York Giants Jerseys Store, regulations etc. Some umbrella companies (managed companies) offer additional benefits such as holiday and sick pay, some (composite companies) offer these benefits and also allow the freelancer to become a shareholder of the umbrella company making it possible to reduce Tax and NI liability by dividend payments or revenue-share schemes,Air Jordan Pas Cher. Other types of umbrella companies (combined companies) provide all the features that managed companies and composite companies do, but in addition they will tailor the service to the needs of the freelancer. Umbrella companies can also provide the freelancer with access to other benefits not usually available to them,Nike Air Jordan, such as pension schemes, private healthcare, life and critical illness insurance and childcare vouchers.
A reputable and well-structured umbrella company operating within Inland Revenue guidelines should provide all the tax benefits of having your own limited company, including a special dispensation for expenses and tools for dealing with potentially complicated issues such as IR35 (where intermediaries such as service companies could be set up to provide the services of a worker to a client company enabling the client to make payments to the company, without deducting PAYE or NICs) and Section 660 (the so-called “husband and wife tax”). Also, every umbrella company has to have Employer's Liability and Public Liability insurance cover, which helps to cover the freelancer in the event of any legal cases being brought against them in relation to the services that they provide to their clients.
By joining an umbrella company as a client, a self-employed worker in effect becomes an employee of the umbrella company, while retaining the autonomous flexibility to find and choose their own work, clients, rates,Moncler Jackets, terms and conditions. While limited company status may suit some freelancers, other self-employed individuals may benefit from joining an umbrella company. Each person has their own set of circumstances and judgements need to be made based on those. Umbrella companies help freelancers to save time on administration, time which could be better spent finding new business or working on existing accounts. Umbrellas companies are a simpler way for some self-employed workers to get paid and to pay less tax, in addition to other benefits, and these companies aim to reduce the tax burden to the lowest possible level. Seeking advice from a financial professional such as an accountant will help you to decide if this is the best option for you and if it will help to save you money on your tax bill.
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