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Hi :wavey: to everyone, I'm excited to be a part of the forum. As you can see from my login name, I adore Tibetan Terriers and have 2 of them, a 3.5 y/o male (Wigglebutt Duncan) and a 10 month old female (Isadora Duncan, aka IzzyDunk, aka Destructo-girl). I also love rescues but only have purebred dogs at the moment. I am devoted to my pets and love training them (general training, Rally Obedience) and grooming them and exercising them (even tried a treadmill several years ago ... what a debacle!). Having only had cats for the past 20 years, these last 3 years have been a tremendous education for me. I hope to learn a lot from members here and to pass along things that I have learned on my journey. Oh, I'm a health psychologist in my 'real' life and so have read almost everything on canine development and canine behavior and Wigglebutt Duncan, my muse, inspired me to start a side business which I can tell anyone about later if they are interested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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