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Gross Albino Rabbit Ears!?

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so we have a female albino rabbit that we are currently weaning from her babies
IDK her age but she is actually a really nice lil momma rabbit :3
so we were inspecting her today and she has what looks like LITERALLY all scab in both of her ears, it looks like it goes all the way down to her ear drums and beyond where we can't even see it
it doesn't look like mites to me and they don't smell that bad but they look like scabs and if you pull them off then she does bleed a lil bit, she jumps around a lot, and the area is red and looks extremely uncomfortable...
we only tried to clean her ears once but since she was having such a fit, we figured it was hurting her, so we stopped.... that can't be good for her ears and we were going to talk to the teacher about her ears tomorrow to see what he thinks... but what do you think it is?
to sum it all up, it's hard, crusty, bloody, pink, raw, light brown, painful, gross
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All these rabbits you posted about really need to see a vet, and soon. They are most likely suffering to some degree and no one over the internet is going to be able to diagnose exactly what is wrong. Even if we could, you'd probably have to take them to the vet anyways to get whatever is wrong treated.
i realize that but my teacher gets so angry when i suggest it and i'm not exactly sure how to persaude him... i really don't want to call authorities on him but i just don't know!
If he won't take the rabbit to the vet though, it's cruel to make the rabbits continue to live that way. This one in particular sounds like she's probably very uncomfortable. Please think of what's best for the animals, they deserve better.

If you're worried, you should be able to report the animals condition without giving your name. Your teacher doesn't have to know it was you who reported the issues.
it'd be obvious becuz we are the only ones that bring up the horrible animal conditions and we are the only ones that ever notice that they are in pain or lacking sumthing
our teacher isn't quite that dumb lol
Even if the teacher knows it is you, who cares? It's not like he can threaten you in any way. Ask to switch out of his class if you need to. Neglecting animals in this way would be considered illegal by animal control. If the teacher is caught doing something illegal/charged with animal abuse, the school won't punish you for reporting him.
Ever hear the saying "if you witness a bully but don't stop him, you're also a bully"?? You NEED to step up and have these animals taken care of. If not you, they will die in pain and suffering. You will feel better about it once the pets are taken care of.
The teacher can absolutely NOT harrass you or bully you or dock marks- that would be costing him his job.
Please do what's right.
i'm gunna try to... got any tippers for me? i think i'm gunna round up a few of my friends to help me speak up so it isn't just me... any tippers?
Sounds like ear mites. Apple cidar vinager can help but you HAVE to get then to vet for skin scrape and antibiotics. It will only get worse. Some vets give discounts or free for school pets
If the teacher won't take the animal then definitely call the authorities. If the teacher does give you a hard time for calling the authorities to help the animals ask to switch classes and report why. These animals can't stand up for themselves and you seem to be the one to do it. Don't feel bad for taking care of those who need it!
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