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Gross Puppy Behaviour

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I have a 5 month old pup who will eat his own feces if you are not quick enough to stop him. I know there are many reasons for him doing this, I just want to know how to discourage him from doing this. Unless I'm right there everytime he goes outside he will try to eat feces. (his own or that of other dogs)
I've caught him in the act and shouted and even tossed some pebbles at him to scare him off but when given the chance he'll still try if he thinks he can get away with it.
Any suggestions?
Also he seems to be regressing in his toilet training. He will let you know that he has to go out but if you don't get up right away or you miss the que he will poop right there on the floor infront of you. This has happened about 3 times now. He seems to be fine all day in his crate BUT maybe he is going to the bathroom and then eating it thus leaving no evidence.
I love hime to death but this is getting gross.
Help :O
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He is kind of at that age they regress a little, their bodies grow faster than they expect and they can't control themselves that well.

Feed him a bite or two of pineapple every meal and it will make his poop stink and he wont eat it. And try to pick it up as soon as possible so he doesn't have oppertunity to eat it.
We had a dog years ago that would do this same thing. The vet told us to change his dog food. We did and it worked.
Thanks for the advice. I am out there every time he goes but i cant saythe same for my other family members when im not home. Ill try the pineapple thing, sounds interesting and cant hurt :)
lol some dogs are just gross sometimes they grow out of it sometimes not....but if im remembering right i think i read some where that they have fake dog poop that looks and smell like poo but when the dog eats it, they can't stand the taste and stop eating their own poo
The pineapple should work effectively but still you need to supervise him, some dogs try to eat other animal poop too.
What food are you currently feeding? Sometimes the dog needs something that they are not getting in their food and by switching to a high quality food the problem is solved.
I agree, I would look into what you are feeding. I use to think it was normal for dogs to try to eat their own poop. But we've always fed our dog high quality food and he's never once been interested in trying to eat his poo.
Maybe try switching the protein in the brand you are going from a chicken diet to a salmon or duck diet. Just incase your puppy's body needs something different. As we all know, every dog is not created equal. :)
Some times dogs do that, but you have to get used to it if it doesn't stop. The same thing happened to me. My dog never grew out of it. What type is you dog, mine was a mix.:binkie:
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