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Had a scare with Russell this morning...

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When I woke up this morning and went to let the boys out, Russell was having a major breathing problem. He was wheezing uncontrollably and making hiccup/cough/gulping sounds. I immediately got some liquid sudafed and mixed it with a bit of his favorite yogurt--which usually helps him to calm down--and he couldn't even eat. It was really bad. My fiance and I thought we were going to have to get him put to sleep.

I had to call the vet and make an appointment, and we had about an hour and 20 minutes until the appt. time. Within that time, he gradually calmed himself down and started breathing a lot better. He got to the point where he took the sudafed, and he then wanted his breakfast (oats), which I hand-fed to him, and he ate them like a champ. By the time his appointment came around, he was breathing almost normally again. The vet has decided to put him on a long-course AB treatment of Baytril/doxy combo. He said at this point it's more in the hopes of maintenance rather than curing him--which has always been the case with Russell. Since Russ is almost 21 months old, it's not like he's a spring chicken anymore, so he said he'd rather risk the AB resistance than just not do anything.

The vet was actually fairly optimistic, though. He checked Russell's lungs, heart, ears, eyes, nose, etc. and, with the exception of his obvious congestion in the lungs, he said Russ is in really good health. He's still maintaining his weight, he is just as active as always, he eats well and has a perky attitude. So, he said unless something gets really bad, he's hopeful that the meds will help Russ to at least breathe easier.

I don't know how much more time I'll get with my little boy, but I'm grateful for all I can have. I just do the best I can to give him the happiest, healthiest life. That's what I kept reminding myself this morning when I was thinking that today might be it... I think it's something that we all need to remember, especially in hard times. To the world, you're one person. To your pets, you're the world.
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I am glad that Russell is alright.
And I agree, our animals are our hearts. When my ferret, Lulu, died almost 3 years ago. I knew I would never be the same person without her. But her tragedy helps me remember to care for my other pets and never take them for granted.
They all become part of our personalities. As if we would be an empty shell if not slowly filled with the life of each one of them. And when we die and see them again, that is when we will be able to feel ourselves fully whole for the first time. :)
I hope the new meds work for Russell. He is beautiful and clearly a special being.
Good job getting your little Russell to the vet in time. Does Russell have special needs? I'm glad he's doing better.

Keep us posted!
Thanks, guys. Russell has had respiratory problems his entire life, with bouts of hard breathing and sneezing that come and go. He's a fun-loving, energetic little troublemaker otherwise, and tonight he was back to his usual shenanigans. He's still happy and sprightly, despite being almost 21 months old now. I hope he'll be around for a lot longer, but every minute I have is precious with him. :)
I could not have said it better than Aluyasha's post. We should always cherish and appreciate every minute we have with our furry babies, absolutely. And Russ and Stan are so very lucky to have such a loving and happy home with you, Breyer. I am so glad Russell is doing well, even despite his breathing issues. He is such a special boy to all of us, and we love him. Stanley as well, of course! Give both of your boys our love, as usual and special kisses from their adopted Auntie Vlad. :) And keep us posted on how Russell does.
Thanks, Vlad. :) Since going back on his meds, Russell is still a bit congested and sniffly, but feeling much better. He just got done with his morning romp around the living room, and he was purposefully trying to go into all the naughty places, so I got quite a workout too! hehehe
Aww, I am so glad Russell is feeling better! That's the boy!
When he is trying to get into his favorite naughty places, and giving you a workout, I know he is feeling like himself. Heh heh!
Great! :D
Russell you little noogie head, don't scare us like that! His auntie Story is sending him snuggles and brother Windham is watchin' over him.
Yep, Windham is hanging out with Klausse and Wolfgang now, and they are all looking out for brother Russell and brother Stan now. Very true! :approve:
:heart: Thanks, guys. :) I was away at a conference for 2 days this week, and my brother had to come stay with the boys to make sure that Russ got his meds 2x a day. I've never been away from them before, so it was sad for me to leave them!! When I got home, it was late at night and they were both sleeping, but I reached my hand inside their little nest and petted both of them, and they were bruxing like crazy! :heart: The next morning they were jumping all over me and quite happy.

Russ is still sniffly and sneezy off and on, but so far the meds seem to be maintaining his breathing well. Hopefully this will continue. :)
Welcome back Breyer! I can totally relate to how much you must have missed your boys, even for a couple of days. They just become so much a part of our daily lives, eh? I used to miss my boys just after being gone from the house for a few hours, let alone 2 or more days, so I know the feeling. That must have been so nice to feel their warm bodies bruxing under your hand when you got back...and they obviously love you so much, they were so excited to have you back. Wonderful feeling! Keep us updated on Russ and his sniffles. Sending good thoughts your way. :wavey:
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