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Hair changing?

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Has anyone ever had a dog change coats?

Messi is 2 1/2 years old and is a yorkie schnauzer, he has a mix of yorkie schnauzer hair, which is really fine and wispy, it grows long, and he is low shedding. but today i noticed he has a few patches of hair that are turning into wirey shorter hair, dark brown and black hairs were the rest of him is cream wispy hair with a few black guard hairs here and there.

It looks like more of him is changing down his back to dark brown wire hair. Isn't he a little old to change hair textures?
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I only know from experience with 1 terrier that the changes can occur at any time. Coco started as a soft fur dog, grew terrier wires which gradually thickened as he matured. Probably about age 10 it did a recovery thing where he shed and grew it back.. Then as he aged over the last few months of his life he thinned out and became soft again.

Has there been any changes to food or environment?? (Maybe he's growing in his Best Man's coat for the wedding :p )
well i added a new food, natural balance, but i wouldn't think that would be it since he has always been on a no grain diet i didn't really change levels, and he is getting a mix of 3 foods right now, wellness core, natural balance and taste of the wild...

I'm not sure when it started, i just noticed it today. its healthy looking shiny wire hair haha. it will be funny if he changes color once again. When i got him he was dark brownish black on his back and brow non his legs, he got his first hair cut and turned blonde, never going back to dark brown as he grew, now that he's 2 1/2 hes going brown again? mom thinks he is getting his winter hair, but schnauzers and yorkies don't really get winter hair... that i'm aware of.
No I don't think they grow winter coats either :/
he never has in the past :p, i think this just be another of his little quirks of being a hybred dog. (i think hybred sounds better than a mix or a mutt :) )

Along with his hair being absolutey no protection to weather, him growing bigger than both his parents combined, his sinking in water abilities, his lack of jumping and sniffing skills.... Love him to bits though!
he never has in the past , i think this just be another of his little quirks of being a hybred dog. (i think hybred sounds better than a mix or a mutt )
It's a dog either way.. 'purebred' is a human invention..
It would be kind of nice if all of him turned into that wirey hair, wouldn't matt like his fluffy hair does. Plus its extra shiney
Hm, when I hear hybrid I think of modifed and dyed fish.. It jas bad connotations for me much the same way "mutt" does to some others!! ^*^
I think of cars.. haha.
Sometimes food can change coat, I've seen it in fosters. Does the new food maybe have something different like fish oil?
both foods had salmon oil. His new and old.
Natural balance is only a 3 star food? seriously?
gah, looks like i will go back to wellness core or taste of the wild.
What I heard before from dog of my cousin's friend who has parent are both mixed resulting where the curly hair shed and noticeable black-brown wired hair grown on his back..
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