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Hamster has red sticky eyes and swollen lip :(

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Hi everyone, hoping I could get some advice on my hamster Daisy. She's nearly two years old and I've read that sticky watery eyes are pretty common in older hamsters so I've been treating with eye drops and warm water to open them up. What has me concerned is the redness (almost like a scab?) under the eye, and also the redness at the corners of her mouth and slight swollenness of the bottom lip. Other than these symptoms she seems to be fine (still fairly active for her age and eating and drinking as usual). The only other abnormal thing I've noticed in the last few weeks is she seems to squeak or weeze if she gets too excited or wears herself out, but I chalked that up to her age. I don't think her teeth are overgrown (she chews CONSTANTLY and has toys, treats, paper tubes, etc. to gnaw on) but shes bad about chewing on the metal part of her water bottle and also the plastic window caps/ anything else she can get her mouth around in her plastic cage. I use a paper bedding and have 't made any changes to her diet. Should I take her to the vet?
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I've noticed since I posted this a more severe swelling of fhe bottom lip, hair loss around the eye and while the eyes are staying open now they continue to look scabby and red lidded.
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