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Wow it seems like just yesturday I was getting an email saying mozzart was born Aka Moe or Mommas Boy! we got him in august last year. Hes a whole year old and very spoiled :D
For his birthday that we celebrated today as we dont remember the exact date we just know it was this weekend last year. He recieved as gifts from me and hubby, wet cans of food about 10 cans that he has to share with his sisters over the next couple weeks. 2 bags of tempation treats and 4 toys, all he must share as well except he doesnt really share his hedgehog wind up toy but he shares the rest , so its offically is favorite gift im guessing :)HAPPY 1 YEAR MOE <3 Mommy and Daddy love you very much big guy ....Philly and kimik love you as well ...Most of the time :rolleyes:

My big boy 1 years old <3

Moe getting Birthday kisses from Kimik

Moe likes naps with mommy (hes my own personal stalker i dont get to sleep by myself when hes around)

my big boy as a little man 7 weeks old

Mozzart aka Moe aka Mommas Boy <3
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