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Happy Gotcha Day Dudley!!

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One year ago today, I adopted my little Dudley dude! :adore: I actually had to babysit today for the same people I babysat for on the day I got him LOL, so I haven't had time to post his thread until now! I gave him the new rock structure I made for his cage, and he seems to like it. :D He got a bath this morning and some super worms and strawberries, and he is watching me type this right now. So, I'd say he has a pretty good day.

I'll add some pictures to this soon!
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^_^ cant wait to see those new picture .
Thanks guys! :D Here are the pictures!

Dudley was being a bit of a Mr. Grumpy Gills yesterday, LOL, but I think he still had a good time.

The birthday bath!

Prepare for the awesomeness of... His new rock structure!!!

(I made a temporary screen door for better ventilation LOL, so that's what that weird white framed thing is)

Haha, I wasn't quite sure what to make of this. :rolleyes: Either A) He had just come to terms with a midlife crisis of some sort or B) He was trying to attract some ladies to show off his newly furnished viv. He actually LOVES his new rock though, and he has been really active today so far

He wanted to hang out with his bestie before bed time, LOL.

But Smudge ran away when Dudley tried to jump on top of him.
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hehe soo cute :)
Thanks!! :D
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