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Happy Thanksgiving to My Ratty Familia

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Hello to all!

I caught a few minutes in between the Thanksgiving chaos with my relatives going on for the next couple of days to stop and take a breath and to wish all of my great fellow ratty lover friends a Happy Thanksgiving, and especially to send out kisses, belly rubs and scritches to all of my niece and nephew ratties in our forum family.

Enjoy and remember to do what our ratties do so, drink, and be merry (and yes, save room for PIE) :dream:

Love ya!
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Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you, too, Vlad!! We went up to Wisconsin all last week to visit my family, so I was barely online at all until yesterday. I hope you had a great holiday and that your boys got lots of good treats! :D
Hi Breyer!!

Nice to "see you" on the forum! I hope you had a great holiday too!

Yes, my boys got the full Thanksgiving platter with our leftovers when Marc and I got home from my mom's house. Stuffing, mashed potato and pumpkin very tiny amounts (they are getting sooo fat), but it was probably a huge feast for them. :D The pumpkin pie dab I gave them was their favorite. Ha ha.

I just now read that Custard passed away on November 21st and I am very sad. Custard was such a special girl. I am going to leave a post for Storyseeker. I know this is very, very hard for her. :(

I was planning to post some new photos of my boys and Lilspaz gave me some tips on a photo program to use, but I am having some trouble with it so I am going to wait until Marc gets back into town on Thursday to help me with it, as he is the computer whiz. He is in Las Vegas right now at a musician's convention.

Hope you are doing well! I will hopefully be able to post my new photos in the next week. (Sorry Shelagh, I am a complete idiot with even the easiest computer programs!) :rolleyes:

See you soon?
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Happy Very Belated Thanksgiving to all of my ratty peeps. I'm sorry I've been out of it, but I surely have been thinking of all of you! I have to smile at all of us, spread out all over North America. :D (We even have more than one Thanksgiving!)

We had a good one. I went down to South Alabama and visited the family which was a really restful weekend. :) Good visits with family are great!
Aww, I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving Story. I know you have had a lot of heartache on your plate so a nice Thanksgiving with the family is always a help, yes? We had Thanksgiving at my parents' house here in Seattle. I live for PIE, every Thanksgiving. Say no more. :D

P.S. My boys got a great Thanksgiving leftover platter too. They ate it in about 10 seconds. Their favorite was...pumpkin pie. :giggle:
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