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Hello all!
I have a poser of a question for all the rat food experts out there. We are new rat baby owners by the way! Here is my puzzler:

We bought Mazuri lab blocks for the babies, and no problems, they eat it and seem to like it, but I have been doing more research and from what I read, people seem to really give the thumbs up for Harlan Teklad blocks. Super, but now I am confused and here is why:

According to my research, a good growth food for rats under 8 months would be a lower protein block like the Harlan Teklad 2018 blocks which are 18% protein and they recommend it for growing ratties, but I noticed that the primary ingredient in those is not soybean meal and I have read that soybean as the primary ingredient is much better for rats than having wheat or corn as the first ingredient. And these 2018 blocks have corn/wheat as the primary ingredient, not soybean. Hmmm!

However, the Harlan Teklad 8604 blocks DO have soybean as the first ingredient and I have read great reviews from breeders about it but the protein content is 24 percent and that seems to contradict what I have read, about high protein not being as good for rats as it can cause liver (or kidney?) damage later down the road.

My Mazuri blocks DO have soybean as the first ingredient, but the protein content is 23 percent and it also has alfalfa, which I read was not good for rats either. So, does anyone have any opinions or advice on my quandary? I just want what is best for my little guys! They are 6 weeks old by the way. Thanks all!

Vlad-New Rat Baby Mother
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