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Harold the Lovebird

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Harold's a lovebird (Lilian's, red hair and green body) and I've posted something quite a time ago about him. A lot of the posts were about clipping his wings, and at the point he's at I don't think he will be very thrilled about that. He's absolutely scared of hands and will flap around the cage, scared, of the hand. Maybe he thinks it's the dreaded 'Handra'.
Harold has certainly gotten better with hands, and he doesn't have a problem with faces. (only sometimes with unfamiliar faces) I've gotten him to eat from my hand, but a single twitch will send him flying. He's more trusting with me, but I want to know: Is there any way I can get him to trust hands more? I can't allow him to fly around because my mom is crazy about a clean house. Clipping his wings isn't an option, because I'm afraid he will fear humans for life. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to help that beautiful lovebird over come his fear of hands. (Also, is he a boy or girl? I'm not sure!)
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My first Lovebird I trained him to sit on my hand by emptying a big cupboard in the house.

I would then sit in the cupboard on a chair with the bird on my finger. every now and again I would open the cupboard door just a crick so the Lovebird could see what he was sitting on , and then immediately close the door again , then keep repeating.

I done this for a couple of weeks.

By the end I could Hold my hand up in the air and from anywhere in the room the bird would immediately launch and land strait onto my finger.

I would also stand at the top of the stairway. and lob him out of my cupped hands , he would then land on the door mat. but as soon as I put my finger up , he would fly verticaly towards me up the lighted and carpeted starway.

One day this regular practice went a bit wrong. When while I was doing it , my father opened the front door while the bird was on it's way down and I was at the top of the stairs. Pip went strait out and landed on the gate post outside. He could have easily flown away , but I think the shock of being out was so much that he just sat there. I then ran down the stairs and strolled over to the Lovebird and he hopped strait onto my finger.

Eventualy I could turn Pip over and leave him lying on his back , eventualy it got to a point where I could turn him over and he would'nt move at all untill I turned him over myself or picked him up.

But being a male and being so friendly and without fear of fingers. he innevitably started bonking :lol:

Try the dark closet technique , it might just work.
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