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Harry Potter or Twilight

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Harry Potter or Twlight?

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Question: What would you rather read/see? Harry Potter or Twilight?

I would much rather see Harry Potter over Twlight. Although I couldn't get past the first chapter of Harry Potter the movies are pretty good and I would rather Harry Potter over the worse book ever written and produced into a movie- Twilight. I hate Twilight with a passion.
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I love Harry Potter and I like it much more than Twilight even though there are a lot of Twilight crazy people :p
I loved both series of books but don't like either movies.
Neither :tonguerol
Harry Potter all the way. I dislike the Twilight craziness and I feel as I haven't read the Twilight books I have little room to despise them but I will read them eventually.I have little intention of watching the movies because I fell from the previews that the actors are overdoing it and it looks very cheesy. If it's free and there is really nothing else to do I might watch them.

As far as Harry potter goes I've been hooked since day one. I've been to all the movies on opening night wearing a cape. (Except the most recent one because apparently I'm an adult now and I have job that I have to be to in the morning) I did the book releases at Barnes and Noble at midnight. I've done the reading the whole book in one sitting hardly stopping to eat or sleep. I love the Harry Potter series and I'm a little fanatic about it but I'm okay with that.
I haven't read the Twilight books either but from all the crazyness I REFUSE to read them. Every time I heard people obsessing over the book or the movie or stupid Edward I just want to you at them.

I have been dying to good a see Harry Potter since Monday, and usually I just wait for the movie to be releasted but I can't this time.
I haven't read the Twilight books either but from all the crazyness I REFUSE to read them. Every time I heard people obsessing over the book or the movie or stupid Edward I just want to you at them.

I was of the same opinion for a while but I came to decide that I haven't read them so it doesn't give me a real reason to hate them other than the band wagon craze. I'm not the kind of person to do something because it's trendy so I don't have a reason to hate it just because it's trendy. Which has been my only reason so far...I'm not paying for it though and I'm not watching the movie. The movie is never as good as the book.
I liked the Twilight books, in a teeny bop kind of way, but the movie was SO retarded. I started reading the Twilight books a few years ago before the whole "Twilight craze".

Harry Potter on the other hand... the books were AMAZINGLY written, and the movies are okay... they did butcher the books in the movies, but they are still better than the Twilight movie, haha. :)
The twilight books are very good. The first one is the best i think. The movie killed it. The books you get to know the people well, and in the movie... it took all the actions, and left all the emotional stuff, all the connecting stuff.

Harry potter has just as much band wagon crazies as twilight, it just has had a lot more years of it twilight was almost done before it made it big, harry potter has been for years. Trust me lots of people are crazy about harry this and ron that and i want george or whatever. It kind of helped that they started off at 11 so not every one found them attractive.

Same goes for the new true blood series on HBO. The books are awesome! but the show... not at all like the books. They changed every thing. the thing i hate most is the details.... like in the books a vamp stays how they were when they died... exactly. Bill shaved the day he died... so he never has to shave again... but in the show he has stubble. bill has brown eyes in the book and not so much in the show, plus they aren't pale and they don't some what glow. and sam is a jerk, tara works at the bar, and lafeyette deals drugs. GRR.

Eric, my love in the books, is 100% evil in the show. I hate that!
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I like them both but I like Harry Potter a lot more. The last HP movie is iffy for me though because I think they dug themselves into a big hole. If you have read the book and saw the movie you should know what I'm talking about. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone.
I agree with the whole crazy bandwagon for Twilight. I admit when the initial Harry Potter craze was on the go years ago with it's first movie I refused to see it and join in it all, but my sister fell trap and forced me to watch it n dvd. Ive been hooked ever since, we attended the book release parties and movie realease parties (skipping school in the days) all dressed up and even dressed in homade costumes for halloween. We rocked, I know.. Anyway, so I cant say I hate Twilight just because of the "hot actor" in the movie. Who, FYI was in HP and Triwizard Tournament as Cedric Diggory. But Im not a real vamp fan anyway. Magic is so much cooler!!:D
I'm not a fan of Twilight at all (I don't see what the big deal is, honestly) but I do like Harry Potter a lot :). The books are amazing and the movies aren't THAT bad--I can't really blame them for changing things since the books are so long.
I just think its gonna suck when they release the last movie in 2 parts!! with a year to hold us in suspense
ok if it were based on the books alone I would say harry Potter, it is extremely well writen, strong storyline and it draws you in...I read both and I think the Twilight storyline was good (always a sucker for a romance lol) but I was not impressed with the way it was writen, I think another author could have made it huge...

Based on the movies I would have to say Harry Potter, even though they aren't the book they really did try to balance it all between the action, emotion and story telling, I love them, I thought Twilight was ok, it was kind of weak, but it could get better with the next, you never know...but I do have to say Twilight holds a special place for me since it is set where I grew up :) Forks...even took my daughter there after she read the books so she could see it all...but anyways I guess its Harry Potter over Twilight all the way with me
I like them both, and they are both completely two different stories remember that!

Twlight- the movie sucked, but the books were awesome except the second one had a little trouble getting into it

Harry Potter- I've never read the books I've only seen the movies and the movies are way better hands down then the first twlight movie

but all books that are produced into a movie usually the book is always better detailed than the movie ever will be

and I'm also a fan on true blood I watch it on HBO I have the books also but haven't read them just for the fact I know that the books will be completely different and better detailed. I almost started reading them because the second season at times makes no **** sense. Thanks kendalle for letting me know that the characters and the story line is different then what they show on HBO. There are 10 books to the sookie stackhouse series I think there might be 10 seasons but I could be wrong they are showing season 2 now which at times can very confusing
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I don't think they plan on making 10 seasons of the show, or if they do they don't plan on making it ANYTHING like the books.

Tara never works with sookie in the books, she isn't realated to lafeyette and jason is best friends with hoyt and isn't nearly as big of a jerk as in the show. Sookie is best friends with arlene. (none of this really matters to the plot. it just is confusing to watch the shows then.)
I like both, but not overly crazy about them both as well. Plus they are two totally different books. I have read both sets of books twice already and will reread them again and again. I too get annoyed with all the crazy people who fall in love with the characters or well the actors and get all insane thats not me. I like both the movies but agree that twilight could of been better.
I fall for the characters in the book kind of. but not movies actors.

I don't think you can compare harry potter to twilight though. Nothing in common.

Nor twilight to the house of dark series or the sookie stackhouse series. Just that they are about vamps. The way you think about vamps is different in each story.
Oh my days!
This is such an easy question!
Im OBSESSED with twilight!!!
Harry Potter is Ugh, nothing compared to it.
Edward cullen :love:
I've gotta say....Twilight. Harry Potter I didn't find boring, it just wasn't my style....(that sounds SOOO cheesy hehe) I think Twilight was explained in a way that made a bit more sense, but thats my opinion.
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