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Harry Potter or Twilight

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Harry Potter or Twlight?

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Question: What would you rather read/see? Harry Potter or Twilight?

I would much rather see Harry Potter over Twlight. Although I couldn't get past the first chapter of Harry Potter the movies are pretty good and I would rather Harry Potter over the worse book ever written and produced into a movie- Twilight. I hate Twilight with a passion.
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Same. I think the whole sparkling vampire bit is ridiculous. That is NOT why they stay out of the sunlight.

I like the Harry Potter books. I'm just finishing the 4th book, and I'm excited for Part 1 of Deathly Hallows to come out. But I made a promise to myself to finish reading the Deathly Hallows book before I get to see the movie. I've accidentally been given spoilers, as is, ~.~ So if there's something I had forgotten that someone said, or that no one's yet mentioned, I want to read about it first before seeing it in the movie.
Found this quote on a FB post...just thought i'd copy,paste and share...

Twilight is like soccer. They run around for 2 hours nobody scores and it's billions of fans insist you just don't understand
It's the fact that, as I've read, fans are asking their boyfriends to bite them, and ditching them when they don't turn into a vampire. Holding the Twilight books as a material belonging which takes priority over their boyfriends, MAKING OUT WITH WINDOWS to understand what it feels like to kiss Edward, dreaming about Edward and waking up to their boyfriends or husbands and saying, "Oh, it's you." And threatening to kill people who dare "reject" their beautiful story. It's insane, and all it does is degrade any respect it had in the beginning.
Well Harry Potter is WELL written!!
Second Twilight is HORRIBLY written,
I couldnt even get past ONE chapter,
however I could read Harry Potter MULTIPLE times!
((dracula does not approve))
Forth the writer is being sued over the ((badly)) written books!
The storyline to "Breaking Dawn" was posted on the internet in 2006,
two years BEFORE Stephenie Meyer story hit the shelves.
So out of all those reasons, I prefer Harry Potter;
they are well written books, awesome cast, a long story that is very original,
it wins hands down over "Twilights" books and horribly acted cast!!
I feel like people may wanna hurt me now lol
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I don't think the Twilight movies had a horribly acting cast...I think they didn't have much material to go off of, u.u To my understanding, Bella fits the general stereotype of any girl in the average age range that reads the books. Kind of a misfit, clumsy, socially-awkward. Apparently, as I've read, Stephanie Meyer wrote Bella like that purposely, so that all girls reading the books could put themselves in her shoes. The first mistake that she made, I think.

Secondly, according to what I've read, she droned on and on about Edward's looks and NOTHING about his personality. I don't think Robert Pattison had much of anything to go off of because of that. It's hard to act beautiful >.>

I mean, from what few of the actors/actresses that were in the Twilight movies, the movies they've done either before, or after Twilight were kicka**. Robert Pattison rocked an awesome Cedric, Kristin Stewart was in that movie with Dakota Fanning, er...where they were rock stars or something, and it seems like it's a pretty awesome film.

So yeah..I think as far as a cast in the Twilight movies go, they didn't have much material to go off of ^^

I mean I'm not trying to be a hater..I totally understand taking a legend such as vampires and tweaking it a bit to make it interesting....but SPARKLING??! Come on! If you're gonna tweak well-known legend material that pretty much everyone including those who hide underneath rocks know, leave the major points alone. Like leave the fact that vampires start burning underneath sunlight alone. I've seen numerous vampire movies where they've done just that - kept up with the vampires+sunlight=*screaming in pain*, but they tweaked the mythology itself, and, though I can't name any of those movies off the top of my head right now, they were freakin' awesome.
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I like both books, and neither movies.

I like twilight for the love story it is sweet in a way and i like how you can kind of make it up as you go, its just a book something to have fun reading. Its for teens, who cares if things are more tweeked than other books for the ledgend of the vamp. It's not like it tweeked something like the Nazis. it changed a made up critter.

I like Harry potter its also a fun read, where the no body becomes amazing with out trying. I would think many would be upset that Hermonie doesn't become the hero as she is the one that tries the hardest and really wants to do good, harry just wants to show off and have fun most of the time. He by luck wins.
Considering the fact there are Twilight fans in their 40's + that are in love with Twilight...I'm no longer so sure it was purposely written for teenagers. I think, honestly, that Stephanie Meyer cast voodoo or other mysterious hexes in order to get her books published in the first place. Because from what I've read, her story was cast into the discarded pile, and then for some reason, got picked back out. That totally screams some sort of hex that the person sorting through the stories was put under, >.> Considering the fact of how many people couldn't even read through all the Twilight books, but flow through Harry Potter effortlessly - yeah, I'd say that means something. And vampires aren't a "made up critter", the legend derives from a real person who impaled the heads of his victims on stakes: Vlad the Impaler. That evolved into Bram Stroker's Dracula, which is the god, if you will, of the entire legend, and that's where we learned that sunlight did not make vampires sparkle, but began burning them. Not to mention that Stephanie Meyer doesn't even have her facts straight...she mentioned that the vampires kill cougars when there's NO cougars in that area. She kept up with facts up until the sparkling vampire bit, and the cougars; the story took place in a real place, the weather, to my understanding, is pretty spot-on with what it usually is in Forks(I could be wrong about that, can't remember), and then she throws in cougars...where there are NONE. She doesn't have an inkling about facts or legends. To say vampires sparkle is like destroying the god of vampires himself. If she wants to be taken more seriously, then Edward and all his other goofy little friends should be impaling the heads of Bella and other townspeople on stakes. I'd read Twilight then.

And Harry Potter was never considered a "nobody". From the minute he made his entrance at Hogwarts, whispers of admiration always followed him. Whispers of admiration don't follow a "nobody". He never did amazing "without trying" either, battling Voldemort was never done "without trying". All the hexes and curses and spells he learned was not "without trying", that was learned via blood and tears. And the longer he was at Hogwarts, the more he learned, just like everyone else. ESPECIALLY more than Seamus Finnigan who was a walking curse. And yes, he also wanted to have fun. And why not? As his years at Hogwarts increased, his life became more and more darker, and "having fun" became more and more impossible. As it was, he was working with a very dark past, and trying to have fun, which was getting increasingly harder to do, is a part of that. So he did spend most of his first and second years causing havoc and getting into trouble, and even some of his third year. I think the only time he EVER won by luck was at the end of Year 1, in light of the sacrifice his mother made for him, he won at the end of Year 2 not by luck, but because his loyalty called Fawkes to him, Year 3 he did not have Voldemort to face, and at the end of Year 4, he won by, and I'm trying not to spoil this for anyone that hasn't read it, as I myself am only reading the beginning of Year 5, and haven't even gotten to Year 6 or Year 7 yet, but at the end of Year 4 he won because his wand and Voldemort's wand fought against each other. Those are my beliefs, of course, but I don't think he won with luck every exclusive time.
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It's just stories... Nothing more and nothing less.
If you want to talk about well written fantasy, read Lord of the Rings. Neither Harry Potter nor Twilight comes anywhere NEAR these books (and no, I'm not one of those people who got all hooked on lotr because of the movies and legolas...)
Tolkin really knew how to write, and the best part - he didn't do it to make any money. He did it to entertain his son.

The HP books were fun to read when they came out. They were original and had a good storyline. But it's so easy to see where it changed from a nice story to a story people wanted to make money off of. That's really too bad, and the reason I just can't finish the last book.
I have the same feeling when I start reading the last HP book as when I try and read the 2. Artemis Fowl book. It's just not interesting enough, and I can't get past the first few chapters.
After book 4 I've had experiences where I've been reading the books, but after a couple of chapters I've had no idea what's been going on, because my thoughts have been every where else... It's kinda sad when a very original story get to that point...

Tolkins books, Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy or Jurassic park (yes, it's actually a book), are so cool compared to hp, but I guess it's a bit "harder" reading than both hp and twillight...

I'm just mentioning this because people start talking about how good one of the books are written compared to the other...

If people want to obsess over a book, let them...
Remember how crazy girls got when Take That first got out?
Or The Beatles (I doubt any on here can remember that though ;))
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My sister used to love the Beatles and she is younger then me!

What it comes down to is there will be people obsessed with certain things and that just happens to be Twilight year it will be something else and the year after that something else.Every year something new comes out whether book,movie,band,song,toy...whatever and people are obsessed.
I agree with Vanilla Rat.

PS, I saw the third Twilight the other day (the only one I've seen) and it was so bad, it was hilarious. BUT I'm not ragging on it, it was an entertaining watch, if only to laugh about how ridiculous it was.
I couldn't get into the lord of the rings, i should try reading them again.

OO if you want a good book look for house of leaves by danielewski its amazing
I just finished reading both The Belgariad and The Malloreon - by David Eddings. Both sets are 5 book series, so 10 all together, all based around pretty much the same characters. I really enjoyed those books, a lot more than I liked Harry Potter or Twilight.

I like to read, mostly fiction. I thought that Harry Potter and Twilight where okay, but there not on my list of favorites. I've read a lot of other books that I liked a lot better. And I didn't like the Harry Potter movies. I've never seen the Twilight movies, but I'm not really interested in seeing them.
I Say Potter like the magic and all that type of stuff.
You should add an option for both too anyway my vote is for twilight ..
"Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend."
Stephen King
"Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend."
Stephen King
Haha,love this!
Indeed. :)

I smiled and nodded at this article:

(btw: I'm a total dweeb deep down inside and always have been. )
Harry Potter all the way. Twilight is decent, but the Universal Theme park in Florida really brings the world of Harry Potter to life!
Neither, The Hunger Games is waaay better!!!!!
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