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Have you ever heard of sanitizing wipes for your dog's paws?

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So I'm an avid user of antibacterial products (purell, lysol wipes, you name it), and I was thinking to myself, why aren't there similar products like these for my dogs?

I did some research online and I did see a few products related to doggy wipes, but I found out about this one product in particular called Pawtizer, has anyone ever heard of it?

I went on to their website and read up everything they had available, I also discovered they're carried on and the price is not bad at all! I was expecting it to be a lot more expensive.

Anywho, basically they are sanitizing wipes and sprays that you can use on your dog's paws and coat. Their slogan goes something like, "There as many germs on paws as there are on hands", and apparently dogs can be reservoirs for human borne germs and bacteria. Kinda freaks me out considering I let all my doggies sleep in bed with me!

I think they're really cool, and can't wait to try them out! Do any of you guys feel the same way about germs as I do, and will be buying these wipes? Would love to know ya'll's opinions! :D


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xD I use unscented baby wipes for my dogs paws after a long and muddy walk, Coco isn't such a fan but somehow she manages to tolerate it. After a tip on the boards, I'm going to start using them for my rats too! But those look quite cool as well, and might be more safe for my doggy! Thank you, I might buy them if I have some extra cash, since I'm on a tight budget.
Good idea but I don't know much on dog's system if they really need it. A focus on dog's digestion where harmful viruses usually enter is much concern than the paws I think.
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