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Health Problem - My Dog is Limping

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Hey, you guys. I have an American Pit Bull Terrier named Petey just over a year old who weighs around 50 pounds or so. Well, just a moment ago he jumped up on the couch with me and he kept lifting his paw off of my leg. He wouldn't let it rest there. He finally jumped off - perhaps because of discomfort - and I realized he was limping some. When he stopped walking and was just standing, he would hold his paw in the air. He did the same thing when he was sitting. I checked his pad and there's nothing wrong with it. He's not bleeding anywhere. I lightly felt up his leg (front left) and it was when I reached his paw that he pulled away. What could be causing this? He's been limping for about an hour now, that I've noticed. Any sort of help would be appreciated. I don't want to take him to the vet if it's nothing serious, but I don't want him to ignore his condition, either.
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I would see how he is in the morning. Is your vet open Saturdays? Unless he is showing lots of pain, you may let it go to Monday.

Don't you hurt yourself and it goes away on its own?
I think if he's still showing obvious signs of pain after another day or two, you need to take him in. Also, if he's showing other signs of discomfort such as heavy panting or the inability to sit still, you need to keep an eye on him further. I don't want to be negative Nancy over here, but when my dog hurt his leg and and limped/held it in the air/showed other signs of discomfort, it ended up being bone cancer. Again, I don't want to scare you but in my experience we need to be really vigilant and pay attention to our animals because they can't tell us, they can only show us. He probably (hopefully) just landed wrong on his paw when he jumped up.
Deeper diagnostic is recommended, it could be strained muscles or maybe a painful part on his foot, you don't want to get it worse.
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