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Heidi's 2nd Birthday

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Heidi on a walk and after the walk down here snoozing on her 2nd birthday August 16th.Hard to believe she is 2 already.On this walk she did not see any friends,we heard a big dog barking at us then we were almost home and Heidi wanted to greet the owner of a Border Collie,got some pets from him,the Collie was just inside the front door.We didn't have a walk today,rain and thunderstorms ,so she has been down here most of the day snoozing and snoring.We found a couple of leaky spots in the house from the rain and have called a roofer,having it looked at tomorrow and get it done on Friday.On yesterday's walk,we were barely out the driveway and Heidi saw a neighbor lady and had to go to her and she got a few belly rubs.She spent time down her after that walk,let her up after I got ready for church,stays down here while we go,had her snacks after we got back,it was Milk bones.She had supper a little after 2,we had Steak for supper.Heidi had two snacks afterwards,had 1 drink then sat at her dish and wanted more water.She cuddled with Mom and I then snoozed at my feet on the carpet.
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Happy, Happy 2nd Barkday Heidi!

You are so fluffy and sweet! :D
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