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Helaping badly treated animals.

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I have a teacher who's son went o a house and was told the dog (don't know the breed) is never allowed inside the house! Or even has a kennels in the garden for it hide in! The teacher said her son WOULDN'T phone the RSPCA because he didn't want to risk the owners thinking it was him who called them!! How perthetic is that!!!! Anyway i asked if i could ring them if he gave me the houses phone number and not meantion him just say it was me who found out. four days later, NO MUMBER!!!! I asked if i could have a postcode and when he went to that house, but still NOTHING!!! Maybe that put them off for giving me the number because that could prove it was him if i was told when he went, i don't know. But that dog has no cover or anything. They say their animal lovers!!!:mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2::(:(:(:(:confused::confused::confused::confused:
There's nothing i can do is there??:(
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