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hello again

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Hello again to all its been a while since iv been able to get on here. Money just wasnt right to have internet for a while. My kids and zoo come first. Anyway theres been a few changes in the house n ill post about them another time. Im glad to be back and would like to catch up on how some of our pets are doing (WINK how u doing) and hows the weather up on Canada.


still got a wife n 3 crazy dauhters waiting for spring
RATS are still with us all of them and cuter then ever Kids have started holding and playing with them with favorites
TUCK (res) huge and happy
Ziggy (water dragon) 8months old about been with us for 7+of them have seen a real man start to grow out of a reclusive rescue sort of
KILLA (Bearded) age unknown still small body about hand width a lady took him back to the local pet store an said he kept attacking her so i adopted him been in house for 4days now

and thats it Again hello to all
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Welcome back!
welcome back
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