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Hello All

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Hi everyone, :)

Im new to the forum. Ive just got my first own pet ( i had cats when i was a child) which is a ginger menace of a kitten called Lewis. A total handful but a great wee cheeky personality. :confused:Find it v hard to discipline him at all as hes so cute so he gets away with murder. If i squirt him with water he looks so sad that i immediately go and cuddle him though i know i shouldn't. My hands and the upholstry scratched to bits! Doesnt bite my husband though. I got him when he was a kitten (and spent so much time with him) and my husband was away for quite a while when he was young so i think hes jealous of him. He glares at us if we have a cuddle on the couch! Anyone else have trouble enforcing any sort of discipline?:confetti:
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Hi rob55, welcome to the site! Sometimes [even though I know how difficult it is] you have to stick to your guns. Don't give in when you have to discipline your kitty. He will still love you, no matter what.
Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay at the forum!
Hello I'm Marry Christopher and I'm also new here at PT. :)
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