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I am a Christian teenage artist that finds her inspiration in God's creation, especially in his animals. I have been blessed to own 4 of my own that I love dearly (pics below).
Bella is my schnauzer x poodle mix (75% poodle 25% schnauzer = schnoodlepoo)
Tessa is my special APHA mare
Hermes and Izzy are my playful Budgies

I'm sure I'd have more animals if my parents didn't stop me haha. :D I have always been an animal lover. I am also a huge reader and name my pets after my favorite books. You will also notice that my pets are often featured in my art!

I love being involved in online forums so decided to join this one as well as the forums dedicated to each of my specific animals :) I'm working on uploading all my avatar/profile/sig pics but decided to post this introductory post first. I look forward to meeting all of you and your animals!

This will not be a super lengthy intro as Tessa bucked me off yesterday and I broke my wrist. I've discovered it takes a long time to type with 1 hand. I have lots of pics since I also love photography so may have to post twice to fit them all. In the future I'll use Photobucket but it's acting up right now so just attaching thumbnails for now.


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