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Hello and Kitty Help!!

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I'm new here of the forum and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

My 12 year old female cat, Oreo, has taken a very sudden change for the worse. We took her to the vet this past Friday, 6/1, to get her routinely T4 test for her Hyperthyroidism. She is a VERY frail and thin cat, only about 5.7 pounds.

Since we brought her home, she seems extremely ill. We took her to the emergency vet hospital Saturday night at around 9pm after she was vomiting all day (clear and some canned food), was hiding, defecated and urinated around the house, and would not respond to us at all. She also was drooling. After an hour examination, they really could not find anything wrong. They said her vitals were good, had no fever, she has a slight heart murmur when her heart beats fast, and that in the backroom she seemed pretty friendly and energetic. They said it most likely is some type of virus she caught.

When we brought her home that night, she seemed back to normal. She was being very affectionate and even ate some canned food. However, half an hour later, she went down to our basement, and hid in the closet all night. We found her in the morning with dried urine all over herself...indicating she urinated where she decided to hide all night.

The next day things were bad. She stayed in the same spot on our couch all day. However, she did drink and eat when we brought her food, although it was not much. At night, she came up to my bedroom and things got horrible. She would not respond to me at all, but chose to lay right next to my head. I watched her fall into a sleep, but during this, her body began to twitch violently. It started with her paws, then traveled up to her face. Her eyes began to drift all over the place, and her pupils enlarged. She then puffed her fur up, convulsed for a few seconds, and then urinated on herself. She also had been constantly drooling (I think from nausea). Now, this happened maybe 3 more times that night until I ran her back to the kitty ER at around 3 in the morning. She was so weak and didn't budge in the car. But, as, soon as we got to the office, she was walking around and sniffing things. The doctor ran a full blood work test and an X-ray. EVERYTHING came back positive (even kidneys), he even said she seems very healthy for a cat her age. The only thing that seemed slightly off, but mild, was her liver.

I'm so lost as to what I should do next. Right now Oreo is hiding underneath my bed, and wont respond to me. She is constantly drooling and urinated again on herself. However, she still has an appetite! She almost ate an entire can of food this morning. It almost seems as though once she introduces food in her body, she gets much worse. She does not seem jaundice, and when I brought up the possibility of liver failure to my doctor he said it was unlikely.

Her current symptoms: seclusive, drooling (but not vomiting), no bowel movements, urination outside the kitty box, lethargic, purring abnormally loud, avoids social contact, convulsions (had only witnessed one this morning).

I really don't know what else I can do at this point. A MRI is too expensive, but maybe we should do an ultrasound? Has anyone ever experienced anything like this with there kitty??

Thank you so much,

Concerned Momma :-(
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Is she UTD on vaccinations? "Some virus" just doesn't cut it.
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