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Hello everyone! I'm new!

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Hey everyone,
I'm Rachel. I have 1 dog. She's shih tzu. I love her more than anything in the whole world! I might be getting another dog too. I'm looking at a chow/lab mix. Does anyone know what these kinds of animals are like? I've heard that they are very loving dogs. I hope so. Samantha(the dog I want) is so adorable and nice. I fell in love with her right when I saw her. I hope no one takes her. I live in South Bend, Indiana. Contact me if you have any questions or answers to my questions! Thanks!:D
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Welcome! Do you have any pictures of your babies?
hi and welcome!!! you'll have fun here. can't wait to see pics of your puppy!
Hello and welcome.
It all depends on the individual dog.
hello and welcome

Tina x
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