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Hello everyone, My name is Angela. We have 3 boy dogs :) Rocky, he is a 7 year old poodle. Freddy he is a 4 year old chiwahwah & Italian greyhound mix. Also we have Marley which is a German shepherd, he is a year and 9 months.

I have a question which is what has brought me to this dog forum, It's regarding Marley. See he has been through a lot recently, we moved about 3 months ago and in our rent to own agreement with our home we weren't allowed to have more than 2 dogs. It was really tough to have to get rid of him. The reason he was chosen is because my fiancé's aunts friend wanted a German shepherd for her son. They had a nice house and a big yard and wanted their son to grow up with a dog. We thought he would be very happy there. So he left. 2 months later and we get a txt letting us know they can no longer keep him because they didn't have time for him and we had 2 weeks to find a place for him. This instantly made us upset we didn't know what to do. 4 days later we received another txt letting us know that their cousin "wanted to pick him up" we asked if we could see him before he was picked up, they said "oh no he was already picked up". My fiancé and I didn't believe them and so the next day we went to the shelters too look for him, the last shelter we went to we found him by luck. We tried to get him out of the shelter but they said he needed to be neutered so he had to stay over the weekend. We spoke to the landlord and ended up paying $600 to keep him at our home. When we went to go pick him up he was very sleepy as expected. The next day he was fine and looked well. We searched his body for fleas and ticks and found 2 ticks, we put medication on his back and haven't seen any since. 2 weeks later we bathed him and that was this past wednesday. So now that his wounds have healed we took him to the school across the street to run around and play fetch, we took all 3 dogs and all seemed fine, they ran around in the tennis court area because it's gated and very big area. This morning we noticed him limping and his paw is in a lot of pain. His front left paw. I checked the joints and they're ok it's right under his pawpad I don't see anything there and I dnt know know what it could be. We decided to wait it out for the day but it doesn't seem to be any better. Any idea what it could be??

Sorry if there were any spelling errors the iPad changes my words sometimes lol and I know I wrote a lot I just don't know if any of :tonguerolthe activities prior to last night would have made any difference lol
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