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Hello forum!

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Hello forum!
Me and my wife totally new to Degus and would like to ask advice from people with some knowledge about them.
Yesterday we went to store again to check Degus again and couldn't resist getting them with a big nice cage and rest of the stuff for them.
In the store I spoke with two salesman's and they advice us to buy more than one, we didn't want two or three and agreed on four:)
When I talked to them I asked them if we buy 2males and 2females will they be ok together and he said yes, but more research we do more thoughts we have that we have made wrong dission.
First We don't want to breed them but we simply don't have extra space to separate males from females by buyin new cage.
When we came home we had 4 little boxes where they put them we tryq to set it quick...after we finished we open 3 put them in cage and other box was chewed on side...) he escaped we didn't even noticed, we panic coz thought about he could die if he bite wire already so I had to take all plugs out but after an hour in half we find him hiding near the bed in some sort of bag dunno he like a ghost appear from nowhere I didn't even seen him:) anyway we happy that he got back to his componions.
My wife also read some information that females may not live more then two years because of males been together, don't know if it true or not but even here people on forum don't advice to have them with different sex but I couldn't find any info about keeping 2 males and 2 females.
We really want to make the best for ower new pets like everybody else we just don't want it go wrong way and not do right things for them.
Thanks you!
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Just called to Store again and asked them questions about degus, they told me that the guy that worked there gave us wrong information...:mad2: They dont store 2 different sex in one cage in store ... So we had 4 boys)... which i am actially happy the problem has gone:) about but how come he work there and give advice to people and doesnt know that they dont keep them in there store in same cage with same sex.Thats just mad...) anyway all good now)
Hey, I use this site for a lot of my research lol And a lot of people have had problems with pet stores not knowing what they are doing! They'll have the employees tell them they are getting two boys, or two girls, and turns out it's one of each...they are really hard to tell apart if they aren't completely tame (not too many animals are going to let you have a good look at certain areas if they aren't comfortable with you! haha), so hopefully the second person you talked to knows a little more! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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