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Hello from Cherie

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Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Happened to be browsing the web for ideas for my reptile room when I stumbled onto this interesting site.
Currently I'm working slowly on upgrading my reptile room - just have to be careful as I am on the 3rd floor.
I have
3 iguanas - Cyris(male 4.5-5 years old), Reiji(female 5-5.5 years old) and Toast(unsure, fairly young, maybe female)
1 chinese water dragon - Symir(female 2-3 years old)
1 painted turtle - Koopa Sparticus Cake(female, dunno how old exactly)
2 siberian dwarf hamsters - Hazel(female, adult) and Macadamia(male, Mac for short, adult)
The two oldest igs free roam the spare room, while the youngest is in a tank in my room. The water dragon has a big cage in the spare room. And the turtle is in her own tank as well in the spare room. The hamsters have their own setup in the parlor, as the spare room was too warm for them.
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What's a water dragon? And nice to meet you
Hi and welcome! Look forward to seeing your reptiles.
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