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Hello all.

I have recently set up an animal rehoming website ( Our main aim is to help in the rehoming of animals, with our secondary mission to offer animal/pet related advice to those who might need it. This is something we do as animal lovers and don't buy, sell, or look to make profits from the animals....we are purely here to help find the animals much needed homes.

I work at a non-profit animal organisation by day and although not affiliated with them on our website we do feature several of their animals which I see daily and would love to rehome. I have also been speaking with several other similar organisations with the view to also helping them rehome their animals by featuring them at

PawTalk is the third place I have left an introductory message, and each time I've posted at places which are hopefully different enough from us so that we aren't stepping on anyone's toes. If the admins here do disagree though then I apologise and feel free to remove this post.

This seems like a great website though with good morals, and is obviously popular too. It would be great if we could get some animal lovers from here checking out some of the animals we are trying to rehome, and maybe even take one for themselves.

We don't allow the buying and selling of animals on our site though, and instead its more of a ''good to a free home'' type of arrangement we look for. Although some of the animals from the Animal Santuaries we feature do ask for set donations which go back into looking after the other animals.

So please, if anyone is looking for a new pet, know anybody else that is, or would just like some information then please come and give us a visit. We are here to help animals in need, but need your help to do so.

We also have a Facebook and Twitter page, our own forums (although they are lacking in member activity for now ) and of course our main site.

I'm putting a lot of effort in doing my best for these animals, but we are somewhat lacking user content at the minute and it would be great if we could get a few more people viewing the animals. (Also, if anyone has a website and would link us that would be fantastic...of course we'd do the same in return).

Thanks for reading guys and hope to see some of you soon.

Many thanks,


''Old pets need loving too...''
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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