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Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum as you can tell.

I'm a huge exotics lover. Right now I'm being kissed by my sun conure Calypso, but he thinks his name is Bird-bird and my name is SQUAWK-SQUAWK. Calypso is my love and joy and I don't know what I'd do without him. He's 1 year and 8 months old.

I live with my mom and my granny, and they share the same love for animals as I do. So we have a big full house with spoiled animals and lots of noise.

Our Pets!
Between the three of us we have;
Me: Calypso, a sun conure
Rats, Mayu, Mikiboo [F]; Bubbles, Archimedes [M].
A new addition; Bing, a black velvet chinchilla [M]
A 9 gallon Bi-ube freshwater fishtank with 7 guppies.

Mom: 2 chinchillas; Fang, a pink eyed white and Nika, a standard grey [F].
2 bunnies; Yuki [M], "SAMURAI YUKI Defender of the Downstairs!!" Super muttbunny And Chibi [F], "Bunnyball" a black holland lop.
A 90 gallon saltwater fish tank with 5 blue-green chromis, 1 banggai cardinal, 1 yellow-tail damsel, 1 royal gramma, and 1 yellow tang.

Granny: 3 macaws; Iggy, Ziggy [F] and Omar [M]
2 doves; Coo and Chii
5 Budgies; "girls 1-4" and "oops it's a boy"
1 canary; Bandito
1 cockatiel; I honestly don't know her name... Edit: Got a name "Tweet"
1 bunny; Binky Frufru; a black lionhead/netherland dwarf mix
1 4-gallon freshwater tank with neon tetras
1 3-gallon saltwater tank with Tude, a yellowtail damsel

And last but not least; two doggies.
Gretchen; "the buttsniffer" a great dane
And Trina; "the dustmop" a Cavalier king charles spaniel
End Pets =)

I hope to be able to share my knowledge whenever possible, and I hope to gain some of yours.

I'm also a hobby photographer and I love to take landscapes and pictures of our furries/featheries/fishies. I'd happily post a picture of everybody, but I'll have to leave you with this.

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Thanks for the welcome, Vanilla rat.

It's a houseful but it's always fun around here ^_^. There's always someone in need of cuddling, a belly to fill with treats, a smile to see, and so on. I love every moment of it. And oh, pictures... which reminds me I need to upload those new pictures of my ratties. If any of them came out I'll be sure to post them sometime ^_^.
Ooo... forum bugs. What kind of bugs and changes should I look forward to? =P

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Thanks everyone! There will definitely be more pictures in the future. My old computer died so all of my pictures got wiped unfortunately. So now I'm re-building my collection =).
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