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Hello from Poland :D

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My English is not perfect so I'm sorry for it .
But I will try to write something about me .

Well I love animals, specialy cats.
I have two of them, a girl name Ciapka, and a boy name Miti.
She is 4 years old, and have three colours
He is 3 years old, and smaller than her.
You can see them here:

When I couldn't stand that in our country is so much pain and people who hurt animals (most cats), me and other girl create a Foundation name Animal Security and now we try to help polish cats, and dogs, and sometimes other animals . If you want to see animals we helped you can go there:

What can I say more there is a lot of things but first I have to find English words to say that .

What you think? Is my bad English good enough to understand? I hope so .
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