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Hello, everyone...

I've just joined the group and unfortunately for a very scary reason... I hope someone here may be able to help.

I have a male (neutered)/female pair that are nearly 8 years old now. The female's abdomen has become very swollen recently and I'm worried she's very ill. She has a seemingly normal appetite and elimination processes. Her activity seems generally good, although she's a bit more subdued than usual. She also seems to have some thinning areas of fur just above her eyes. Up to this point she has been a very healthy, playful, and active glider. Can anyone offer any insight into what may be wrong with her?

I called the hospital that I usually deal with, but as of recently they've stopped treating gliders. Please help if you can!

Thank you!
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When was the male neutered? It does take some time afterwards before they are not able to breed...she could be pregnant. Let us know what happens. I hope all turns out ok.
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