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Hello everyone!
My name is Lewis and I'm from Devon, England.
I have 4 degus, all called John, a golden Labrador, called Bobbi, a bearded dragon called Albi, a tree frog called Chaz and assorted fish.
I play piano, love acting and theatre, and am obsessed with rollercoasters!
I hope to have fun on this forum as I love animals and pets!
On most forums I go on I have design shop, where I make signature banners, avatars and wallpapers for free, so I hope to start one on this forum! (If I do, where should I put it?)

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Hi and welcome!!I cannot wait to meet your little guys.. (all degu's named John :p )

Currently, the sites mods are waiting to hear back from the admins about certain tech glitches which render it impossible to change avatars. You can upload a signature pic, however, in the button on the left in your Control Panel. Scroll down until you see (edit signature) and choose which option. I, and many others here, use to upload automatically.
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