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i'm new here, but i've read a good number of threads on these forums already prior to joining. most are really informative and filled with nice people with similar interests to myself, so i thought i'd join!

as a person i don't talk terribly much, but i must say that i love all animals.
i've never had a fear of any animal (unless you include people. ;P) or bug (though i don't care for mosquitoes) and i think they're all fantastic in their own way. in particular i love dogs, cats, ferrets, snakes, spiders and mice/rats, though as i move through life and my friends pass over the rainbow bridge, as is inevitable for friends with shorter lifespans than i, i feel this list will grow as i am blessed with the quirkiness, love and companionship of different animals. to be fair, i've owned/lived closely with at least one of all of the above animals in my lifetime. all of them were my friends, no matter how long or short their time in my life and all hold a special place in my heart despite their passing.

as of right now, i have a mouse, a king snake and two leopard geckos. as much as i would love more, i feel this is a good place for me being such a busy college student. i wouldn't want anyone to be neglected.
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Welcome :) You'll find the people here are very understanding in the relationships people form with their little friends :)
This is a great place for people to come and discuss our furry, feathery, or scaley companions.
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