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Hi, my name is Mario, I am from Croatia. I am a school teacher.

I have 2 beautiful degus, Lunjo & Nika (Lunjo is a neutered male and Nika is a pretty girl). I absolutely adore them.

Few months ago I adopted 2 turtles (yellow bellied sliders) Tajana & Klara :D Friend of my wife couldn t take care of them any more...

Few weeks ago I adopted 2 cute mice, Mini & Bjelko :wavey: My friend bought them for himself but his wife went crazy :crylaugh::crylaugh:

I think that is enough for now :D

Best regards :wavey:
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Hello bluedreamer! It sounds like you have quite the assortment of pets. Hope you have fun here. See ya around....
Hello I'm Marry Christopher and I'm also new here at PT. :)
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