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Eight days ago I adopted a 5 mo old male pup from a shelter. Not only was he at a shelter with 30+ dogs, he was in an open kennel with his mother and 4 siblings.

I am struggling with 2 issues and welcome any advice. First, he is having some serious separation issues. He does wonderful in the crate at night. He will either sleep the entire night through or whimper so I know he needs to go out. I have no problems with him and crate at bedtime. However, I cannot leave the house. I have tried 3 times crating him so I can run some errands, and when I get back he has had a bowel movement in the crate. He is howling and barking and is completely unsettled. I am now going to try and baby gate him in the bathroom to avoid such a mess when I have to leave. I am in and out numerous times a day for 5-10 mins at a time, but he is showing no signs of letting up.

Also, I cannot get him to have a bm in the yard. He will urinate no problem, but not bm. On the flip side, he will only bm on a walk but never urinate.

I appreciate any advice.....:confused:
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