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I got a new puppy as a companion for my other dog (4yo teddy bear). The puppy has taken me to whole new levels of frustration. I realize you can't train every dog the same way, but I don't understand what else I can do.

He doesn't seem to understand potty training (potties after we get inside or in the crate also on the bed). He cries all night and all day-- anytime he is restrained (leash around my ankle, in safe space, in crate, just holding him, or on the couch unable to jump down). And he doesnt seem to understand that i am the leader of the pack.

It is possible i am being inconsistrnt due to my job schedule and my 3 younger siblings but i am moving to an apt next month and can't have him crying and pottying. I need help but cant afford $400 dog trainer!!

My family is starting to suggest getting rid of him

what do i do??
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