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HELP: enough water coming from hamster water bottle?

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I just adopted a black bear hamster, at 4 months (around that) of age. His water bottle was one that came with his cage, and I felt it wasn't getting enough water so I bought a super pet 8 oz. clear view water bottle to replace it. I have it angled so he can use most of the metal end of it, rather than straight up and down for that won't fit perfectly on my cage, and then only a little bit of metal is available for him. It will drip at first like it says it will, to create the vacuum, but then after, I run my hand over it and only get a thin layer of water unless I leave my hand on the ball for more than a few seconds. Is this a normal amount to leave the bottle for the hamster? He has gone to it a few times tonight, and then leaves it after 15-30 seconds. I am so concerned about the amount of water he is getting, but I cannot go buy another bottle tonight. This seems to be fine and it is new, I just have no where to start with information on what they drink. PLEASE HELP!

- Becky :)
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I am also paranoid about whether or not my degus are getting enough water because I have had water bottles like and including the Super Pet clear view water bottle jam up or completely leak out.

If you push on the metal ball at the end of the spout, does a drop of water come off on your finger? If you get a good drop each time you push it, then I think it is producing enough water for your hamster. Also, what do you mean when you say you have it angled? The flat side of the bottle should be parallel to the cage.

What kind of cage is your hamster in? What is the water bottle like that came with the cage?

When I am very paranoid, I provide my degus with two water sources – either two different water bottles or a water bottle and a small bowl of water. (I use either one of their ceramic food bowls or a small custard dish from our kitchen). The bowl of water will need to be cleaned often because it becomes easily soiled but that way I know they have access to water.

Hope this helps.
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I since posting, made my bottle more straight against the cage. I have a critter trail one story cage, it came with a flat square blue water bottle. I touch the bead and after rolling it a bit, water either is a drip on my finger, or more than most times, it is a thin film of water on my hand. My hamster earlier got a drink for a good few minutes and a bubble was released. Granted, I jiggled the bottle first but after he was able to get another bubble.
The fact that a bubble appeared is a good sign. After changing my degus water, I always wait to see if when someone drinks a bubble appears.

I had my gerbils in a Habitrail cage. The slip-in bottle worked perfectly in that cage – never had a problem with it.
I hate using those. I always now use little bowls. It can make sawdust wet but you just change it. Then i know my littlens are getting water.
I never use a bottle. Always used a bowl. Much better for them, I think.
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