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HELP!! Female Degu wanted!!

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Hi, My name is Shaina. I'm looking for a female Degu in or around Lafayette, Tennessee! My best friend is giving me a female Degu, and I dont want her to be alone! I'm new to the Degu world, but I have done EXTENSIVE research on Degus!! Please get back to me ASAP!! :confused::rolleyes::D:(:):angel::blush::talk::wave:
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I adopted my initial four degus from a local animal shelter. You can try searching the shelters near you using

Also, there are degu-specific forums that are worth joining like the deguworld forum ( They have an adoption section and some US members that might be able to help.

Hope this helps.
I am in north mississipp and I have 5 degu babies. They are only a couple of weeks old and I have not sexed them yet. I am also not sure how far u live or are willing to drive. I'm in Amory, ms. Close to tupelo. Let me know if your interested...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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