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Help for a Newbie and New-Found Cutie

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Hey all. Off the bat, I am not familiar with rodents. I am a bird guy...parrots, pigeons, the like.

This lil' fella/gal had been sitting on my fence for several hours...never really left the spot. Allowed me to approach without fleeing. He was pretty easy to grab.

I have him in a nice carrier now (not the one in the pic, that was just for the photo-opp !) on a towel, with a very shallow dish of water, a clump of peanut butter, some millet, safflower seed, cracked corn, and rodent pellets in there too.

She seems pretty alert, albeit kinda mellow...not panicked at all or racing around, quite still and cautious actually.

I think she drank some water, too. Burrowed under the towel and is hanging out in the corner, but I check on him every half-hour and he does move around, but likes to keep himself covered or partially covered.

Is she a baby rat or a mouse ? I was just gonna leave her out there, but then remembered yesterday I found a dead adult rat no more than about 4 yards away from where this lil' one was hunkered down; an adult which was the same sign of being attacked, perhaps likely poisoned ?

Any help for a newbie appreciated. I am in Portland, OR...if anyone would like to take over her/his care :rolleyes:


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Ditch the peanut butter. They can actually choke on it because they can't vomit! I am not sure what it is; looks like some species of mouse. Maybe you should google search mouse species in Oregon? Regardless, to me it looks more than old enough to take care of itself. Looks ill, though...was probably honestly on its way out and was sitting in the open waiting for a predator to get it =\
Oh the poor little thing....I am so glad you are trying to take care of it, but I really am not sure what to tell you about what you should do. I really hope some other people here on the forum will have a better idea of the best way to go about this...for now, at least if he (she?) stays warm, with some bedding (I think you mentioned he had a little towel to burrow under, yes?) and some sort of carboard box or something he/she can go into to feel safe/nap, and clean drinking water and some food, but yes, peanut butter would be too sticky and he could choke. Is it possible you could get this little fellow to a small animal vet to get him checked out? He/she looks a bit sickly but that could just be the picture. Judging from his/her tail and body shape it appears to be a mouse, I think? I wish I could help more? Any more people here on the forum have a good idea of what do? I hope he is okay?? He/she is such a sweet little thing. :(
I will get him/her to a vet tom'w AM. Everyone send him your prayers and wishes he makes it to AM.

Thanks. it dangerous to try to hydrate via plastic mouth syringe ?

Peanut butter removed....she/he wasn't the least bit interested in it, anyway....

Boy that is a good question about the syringe. Is he not drinking from his dish of water?

If you are concerned that he might be too weak to drink on his own, it seems you could try dribbling some cool water drops for him to see if he might lick from the syringe maybe?

Gosh I wish I was more knowledgeable about this, I feel useless! Is he not using his water dish much? Did you try tapping your fingertips into the water dish and putting your fingertips by his mouth to see if he might lick water from your fingers?

Grasping at straws here and desperately wanting him to be okay overnight and make it until morning for the vet. Perhaps putting a small bit of fruit or vegetable with him might help too?

I will be thinking of him/her and sending all my thoughts your way. I hope the little guy makes it. Please let us know how he does, okay?
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Hello all. I am very sad to say she/he passed late last night :( Thanks for your help, however. Great Board here.
Oh no. :(

I saw your update show up in my inbox this morning and I thought, "Please, please not let it be bad news". I was thinking about that sweet little guy/girl all last night and my husband kept trying to console me and kept saying that he/she would probably make it through the night and see a vet and it all might turn out fine.

I got attached to that sweet mouse very quickly. Those photos you took made me want to scoop him/her up and make it better. I am so sad. I will always wonder what happened to him/her. Maybe a neighborhood cat or some other animal roughed him up or perhaps he/she consumed some rat/mouse poison that someone had set out, since you said you had found a dead rat nearby last week. It could have been that. Not sure. :(

You were very kind to try to look out for his/her welfare and to try to save this beautiful little creature. I am sure any of us here on the rat and mouse forum would have done the same. Thank you for trying to save this little fellow. You did your best, really.

Come by and say hello whenever you like Jaye. Again, I am so sorry.
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Vlad, you are such a sweetheart. Not many people have the energy to not only care for their own critters and people, but lose sleep over animals you've never met ♥

I'm very sorry about your mousey, Jaye. I'm glad there are people out there like you who care enough to try.
Aww, well....I love the lil furries, all shapes and sizes and I feel so sad for any little critter that is not safe, happy, fed, warm and loved. I wish they ALL were, every single one.
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