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Help from dog lovers needed!

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Hi Everyone, my name's Ray, I live in Singapore.

I have a bundle of joy called Cadbury, he's a toy poodle. Anyway my wife persuaded me to enter him in a local competition, where the 1st prize is a professional photo album of my dog.

As far as I know, a happy wife is a happy life, but i'm not sure if she would still be happy if he never won, so I'm trying my luck.

I'd really really appreciate it if anyone with a facebook account could vote for him.

All you have to do is go to this link and click LIKE

If you using an iPhone, please access the link using SAFARI.

He's a good dog, and a member of Therapy Dogs Singapore, so he does charity work as well, mostly with the handicapped. Over all this he's also our first dog, so it would be nice to have a great memory of him in the future.

We'd really appreciate your help on this one.

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