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Please help. I need info fast. Two of my gerbils (paired alone in a cage & told were both female) - have had pups. They were born approx. 5 or 6 days ago (according to the approx. time I heard the "chirping" I attributed to birds initially.) The first time parents had 7 pups (at least from the time I saw them) and today I woke up, and one is clearly dead - it's chest is not moving, it is away from the others, etc. Should I remove the dead pup? Some sites say yes, some no. Is there any way to detect whether this will happen to any of the other pups? I have these two parents (Villa & Maria), and Batman & Sweetie (who are the grandparents of Villa & Maria.) Villa & Maria are approx. 8 months old & this is their first litter (of 7 initially). I am clueless as to what to do, tho I have researched this a lot since I noticed the birth. I need advice. Thanks so much.
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