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Hello. I got my hedgehog, MrWhite at 12 weeks, he is now 15 weeks old. I have a feeling the breeder i got him off of wasnt the best or somethings just going on with him.. ugh :S.

was trying to get him accustomed to being in a new home, and being picked up lots (he doesnt just run around on me, or want to run around in my hands, takes him a long time to come out except when i walk around with him but easily startled even then..) and then he started loosing lots of quills, so i assumed he was quilling, seeing his age. But the problem being his quills arent all growing back, he has PATCHES that are, they at first got swollen, then quills came in and now they are all scabby in those patches of condense quills but the rest of him is fairly bare poor guy is going through house change and quilling and now this. I am not sure what it is and am worried. I have never owned a baby hedgie before and am not sure if this happens during quilling. He is not itching lots so i dont believe he has mites but am considering from what i have read about quilling it shouldnt be THIS bad. :(

(posted this on another forum yesterday then copied to here)
so today i bathed him for a longer period of time and the patches softened up to a whitish colour, but looks like some of the patches arent even totally full of quills anymore. and the other areas once his quills are down theres so many empty spaces.

vet appointment is for wednesday afternoon. im so worried.
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